Beschreibung The resigns that takes place every year in the Avigliana historical
centre, in the province of Turin, Piedmont, Italy. In the suggestive
environment of medieval historical buildings, that become privileged
expositive space for the occasion, young authors and affirmed artists tell
themselves through their works attracting the attention of a numerous and
careful public.
In a suggestive and emotionally space, we proposed the best realizations
of the art and sculptural contemporary ceramics.
With the intent to promote so further the review to international level,
we invite artists, critics and experts of the sector to visit and take
part on it, or to take contact for the following editions.
We remain available for all further informations about the event and to
send you a summary of pictures.

Dott.ssa Debora Bertoglio
Studio Saint Michel Lione 85/8 - 10141 Torino
Tel. 011 5092571 - Fax 011 5097055 - Cell. 329 1165881