Teilnehmer: ab OVO gallery
Beschreibung ~You should be light like a bird and not light like a feather~. (Paul Valery. Notebooks)

~And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air….~ (The Holy Bible. Genesis, 2:19)

Victor Greenaway (Sale, Victoria, Australia – 1947) is one of today’s major contemporary studio ceramicists. To present his art is to enter a universe in which combinations of cross-references and impressions allow us to explore various directions of interpretation; faint, parallel-running trails each multiplying and revealing possible readings like new and mysterious open seas to navigate.

Victor Greenaway is an artist of rare sensibility and refinement in both an aesthetic and technical sense. His works are the fruit of a perfect union of creative irrationality and technical mastery both of which, well-tempered, have enabled the artist to fly freely within the boundless possibilities of his creativity, like a bird, which, fully aware of it’s precise landing point, uses that instrument of precision, it’s wings, to dominate the winds. In absence of precise direction what else would the artist’s journey be but the casual flight of a leaf randomly blown by the wind?

The visual sense of lightweightedness in Greenaway.s porcelain reaffirms itself in a tactile sense upon handling his works. Feeling the opaque egg-shell-white outer surfaces and touching the spotlessly smooth, and perfectly-evenly coloured, glazed interiors, gives us full measure of the extent of his artistry and skill but also of the deep, understanding and nurturing respect he has for the material itself. It is as in a personal and very secretive dialogue inbetween maker and material in which both parties act in concurrence.

This unity of ~sense and sensibility~, ~mastery and creativity~ is nourished by the artist’s readiness for exploration and experimentation, who, like a New World migratory bird in exploratory flight, journeys between East to West, past and present in search of inspiration, to create pieces that combine millenary techniques and a very contemporary sense for form and colour. His bowls, teapots, both functional and sculptural vessels pay hommage to the Etrurian Bucchero technique and the traditions of Limoges porcelain and then to antique Japanese pottery with it’s essential and refined, linear clarity, to arrive at the sunwashed colours so typical of his native country. All these cultural impressions find expression in Greenaway’s own distinctive style and there we also find the mystical power of the creator, who despite the apparent simplicity of the throwing technique succeeds in conferring his objects a life and soul of their own. And it is such imagery, common to many religious mythologies, that marks the beginning of our journey into the reading of the ~hidden souls~ of Victor Greenaway.s artworks.

Zeitplan Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sundays 10.30am – 1.30pm and 3.30pm – 7.30pm
closed Mondays)
Veranstaltungsort Via del Forno 4
  06059  Todi (PG)
  I Italy
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  Hands working. Hands translating impressions into reality. Hands transforming materials and lending them form, giving them life, function. Hands making art.
It is from such imagery that the idea of opening Ab Ovo gallery in Todi´s historic town centre sprung forth, an ideal space within which to showcase the lively and variegated world of contemporary applied arts.
We believe that the uniqueness of entirely hand-crafted objects, which so powerfully embody and express man´s creative demon is something to be valued and preserved whithin the context of a characteristic yet contemporary environment that complements the exibits.
Thus -Ab Ovo- a term symbolically suggestive of a return to origins, to the mysterious and fascinating universe of the hand-made, to the inimitable beauty of the creative process.